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Limited warranty

Bathtubs, wall tile and fiberglass fixtures are warranted for a period of 5 (five) years on a pro-rated basis as set forth below, against peeling or other failure of adhesion of the refinishing materials (noncommercial use only). Bathroom sinks and spot (chip repairs) are warrantied for a period of one year against failure of adhesion (non-commercial use only).

This five year warranty will be pro-rated over the five year period on an annual basis with changes in the pro-rate amount changing on the anniversary date of the purchase. During the first year, the warranty will cover 100% of the cost. Thereafter, the amount covered by the warranty will be pro-rated by 20% for each year after the purchase date. For example, if the refinishing material were to fail during the 3rd year, the warranty would cover 60% (based on then current regular pricing).

The following conditions will void your warranty:

  • The surface must not be allowed to remain continuously wet from items such as bath mats left on the surface without drying out between use.
  • The fixture must not be used for water storage or contain standing water for extended periods of time.
  • Damage caused by continuous wetness from leaking or dripping plumbing.
  • Damage, chips or nicks caused by sharp or falling objects or by misuse.
  • Staining or discoloration from chemicals, bleaches, rust, hair dyes or use of abrasive cleaners.
  • Use of abrasive cleaners.
  • Movement in the substructure resulting in cracks or splits in the refinished surface or grout lines.
  • Degradation of refinished surface caused by lack of cleaning.
  • Degradation of refinished surface caused by masking tape or any other adhesive on refinished surface!
  • Change of property status (switch from private to commercial or rental) without notification

In the event of any failure covered under this warranty, Bathtub Refinishing Company will, at our option, either:

(1.) repair the failed area or

(2.) refinish the entire fixture pro-rated as set forth above, if applicable.

Plumbing and shower doors are not warranted. Travel charges may apply if the fixture is located out of our service area. If any problems occur, Company must be notified within 72 hours or warranty may be voided.

Cleaning instructions:

Use only non-abrasive, liquid cleaners on your refinished surface. Spray cleaners such as Comet Bathroom, Fantastic, or liquid cleaners which do not contain abrasives, bleach, or chlorine and are safe to use on acrylic, refinished or reglazed surfaces.


The standard color is Bright white. Any color other white requires mixing of pigments, and MUST BE APPROVED BY THE CUSTOMER before the finish can be applied. Please choose carefully, as the color once applied cannot be changed except by completely reapplying new materials (at the customer’s expense).


Our workmen are not plumbers. They are not trained, equipped, licensed or authorized to do plumbing. If they remove or replace any pipes or fixtures at your request, it is done solely as a courtesy and the responsibility for any damage is yours. Our workman may, under certain circumstances, find it necessary to remove or loosen handles, spouts, drain pieces, or overflow covers. In those cases, we will be responsible for those items unless the age or general decay of pipes or fixtures makes this impossible. Please inform our workman or the estimator if your plumbing is old or in questionable condition, so that we can take special precautions or leave it completely undisturbed.

Cure time:

The fixture must cure for 24 hours after the time our workman finishes. Do not use the fixture during this time and make sure that the refinished/repaired areas remain free of water. Full cure time is 5 to 7 days.