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Bathtub Refinishing in Philadelphia

Bathtub Refinishing in PhiladelphiaStarting in 2002, Bath Pal Group has been specializing in bathtub, countertop, and ceramic tile refinishing services in Philadelphia. Our successfully venture is determined to saving customers hard earned money. Instead of remodeling, you should call in refinishing Philadelphia professionals to refinish bathtubs, countertops, and tiles and save yourself up to 90%. Refinishing bathtubs, countertops, and tiles is always cheaper than installing new bathtubs, sinks, ceramic countertops, and tiles.

Cracked bathroom fixtures allow for germ, and mold, dirt deposits to take hold. Take care of this eye-sore with professional bathtub refinishing services! Eye, throat irritation could occur if your bathroom has cracks and has mold that does not go away. Bath Pal in Philadelphia is a professional bathtub refinishing service that provides hygienic and cosmetic cleanliness.

We specialize not in replacing, but repairing bathtubs. We resurface your shower, bathtub. We offer the best and a less expensive method of helping your bathtub looks brand new! You will be able to step into the bathtub and feel more clean. If you have allergies, the cosmetic and hygienic part of our service will help with the allergy and make you feel great about bathtub.

Countertop Refinishing Philadelphia

Countertop Refinishing PhiladelphiaDon’t replace your countertop! The recent financial downturn took a toll on incomes of many, and we understand that. Remodeling will be very expensive and can be a nuisance. Bath Pal’s top notch countertop refinishing Philadelphia services give a great value. If your car has a small scratch on the body, you are not going to go a replace it or the car itself, right? You will most likely take it to an auto shop and have the crack removed cheaply without replacement. Countertop refinishing works the same way. We send professionals to your house not to take data for a brand new countertop and then ask you to dish out money for a brand new granite countertop — we professionally refinish it.

Philadelphia Ceramic Tile Refinishing

Philadelphia Ceramic Tile RefinishingYou don’t need to replace your ceramic tiles. Don’t waste hours choosing new tile to match your old tile and then spend tons of money on remodeling. We have a team of professionals that will clean your tile and repair it to look brand new. You will be awed at the final results. Any germ deposits and wear will be taken care of. You will be able to sense the clean in your kitchen, bathroom or wherever else you have tile. You don’t need costly remodeling — Bath Pal Group in Philadelphia will repair your cracked tiles at a fraction of the cost.

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