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Liners vs. Refinishing

Pictures below show what usually can be found under bathtub acrilyc liner:

Bathtub liner










Getting a liner for your bathtub or a shower may seem like the logical solution to making your bathroom look and feel newer. I may also seem to be the least expensive solution tub replacement. After all, you are not getting a new bathtub or a shower and do not need to tear apart the whole bathroom. But remember, that liners are nothing but new skins for the old and ugly bathtub. Nothing gets removed and it's the same as sweeping dirt under the rug.

There are 4 main reasons for using a refinishing service instead of replacing which are spelled out below:

Reason 1

Liners are nothing but a cover up of the problem, they are not a solution. Moistures in bathrooms can create mold, especially in the areas between your original bathtub and the liner. This mold can cause bad odor, health hazards, and structural damage to your original bathtub.

Professional refinishing process targets mold and dirt specifically. The cracks and chips get primed and covered by a porcelain-feeling element which is moisture resistant and is a part of your original bathtub.

Reason 2

Trapped water between the liner and the original bathtub creates an ideal environment for mold and mildew. This, in turn, leads to health hazards structural damage to your bathroom. Professional bathtub refinishing cleans away the problem and assures that it does not come back again for a long time, while a liner simply covers up the problem and leaves you with the same problem.

Reason 3

Liners can feel hollow and uncomfortable. The original shower or bathtub is stable and comfortable, while the liner is simply a piece of plastic. Bathtub refinishing process leaves you with your original bathtub, but with a new and improved look. You won't see the cracks or the chips, and it will be sparkling clean!

Reason 4

Liners are pricey! Standardized liners cost between $700 and $1000 in home improvement stores. Professional installation by a licensed plumber is required for liners and the lower advertized price that we have seen is around $2100 for the liner and installation. If your tub is not a standard size — you'll have to pay even more.

Bathtub refinishing can be done for a fraction of the price! You don't have to worry about your budget and the service is finished the same day that it is started.

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