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Bathtub Refinishing Process


Here is a step-by-step description of the process of professional bathtub reglazing.

The processes of tile or countertop refinishing are very similar.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1.Clean the bathtub and remove old silicone and caulking.

2.Etch the bathtub with light acid for deep cleaning and glossy layer removal.

3.All chipped, scratched or worn areas must be filled and sanded smooth. Also it is very important to make sure there is no water dripping on the tub from the downspot or shower head.

4.Mask around the bathtub and cover areas not to be refinished.

5.Spray two coats of primer over the bathtub. We use Integrity Coating two parts heavy duty Ultra Primer designed especially for bathtub refinishing purpose.

6.Than we spray three coats of synthetic porcelain. That is very important what the chemical is being used. The Integrity Coating High gloss acrylic polymer is very durable and looks and feels like natural porcelain.

7.After cleaning and caulking, we have turned that old and ugly bathtub into looking a brand new one with a minimal cost to you!

Realizing that replacing bathtubs, countertops and ceramic tiles is expensive, we began aggressively marketing ourselves and now have a client base that saves tons of money to our cliets when they want to give their house a brand new look. Professionally done refinishing fits anyone's budget and it is a lot less time consuming than replacement of fixture.

If you have a question or would like an estimate, do not hesitate and call us at 647-379-5003 now. Our teams of professional refinishers are eager to make your fixure look brand new again.

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