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Bathtub Refinishing

LogoIs your bathtub dirty and cracked? Do you try to clean it and the dirt just doesn't come off? Well, you may be in need to give your bathtub new finish. Bath Pal Inc. is here for you. We are a professional bathtub refinishing service and we want you to feel good about stepping into tub or shower every morning.

Bathtub refinishing is a cost effective bathroom makeover alternative. If you bathtub is damaged, worn out, simply a wrong color or is difficult to clean - you don't need to spend thousands of dollars for completely remodelling your bathroom. You just need to refinish the tub. We can do it and you won't even be able to tell the difference.

Bathtub Refinishing vs. Bathtub Replacing:

To replace a bathtub, you have to:

1. Remove the old one. To do so, you have to break walls around your tub. After you get this step done You are going to have plenty of construction garbage to deal with and totally ruined bathroom.

2. Then you need to buy a new bathtub.

3. Then you have to install it and connect it to the existing old drain system. This is a quite difficult procedure and in most cases you would need to call professional plumber.

4. After that, walls around you new tubs have to be re-drywalled and ceramic tile is set. For this job you need a professional drywaller and tile setter, may be an electrician.

5. That's also not taking into account the noise, dirt and other nuisances that go hand-in-hand with remodelling projects, and probably numerous permits from your local government.

Now, let's do some number crunching.

  Bathtub Refinishing Bathtub Replacing
Labor $299 $700
Steel Tub $0 $400-$600
Plumber and Parts $0 $400_$800
Tile Work $0 $500-$1000
Flooring, Carpentry $0 $300
Permits, Inspections $0 $200
Total $299 $2500- $3600

* All numbers based on national and local averages and may vary by region
and type of bathtub

It is a no-brainer that it is a lot cheaper to hire a professional refinishing service. We do the job for a fraction of the cost. Here is the biggest difference and one of the biggest benefits of professional bathtub refinishing over bathtub replacing - you don't have to be without a shower for long! With a replacement service, you will have days without a working shower. With a our refinishing service, it will take approximately 4 hours to complete everything and you will be able to use your bathroom in 24 hours after we finished it!

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