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Bathtub refinishing – it is not a temporally fixing

If you bathtub is damaged, worn out, difficult to clean or it is simply a wrong color – you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for complete remodeling of your bathroom. You just need to refinish the tub. We can do it and you won’t even see the difference between refinished bathtub and brand new one.

Bathtub restoration done by us is not a temporally fixing. We use  top quality Integrity Coatings EP-ACRYLIC High Gloss Acrylic Polymer. It will keep you bathtub in very good condition for many years. We provide 5 years written warranty to every job we get done on the bathtubs. 

How much does it cost?

Our bathtub refinishing prices are reasonable and low.

Cost to refinish standard bathtub that never been refinished before is just $399.

If the bathtub is been previously refinished(sprayed), $100 extra charge is added to the price.

Tubs we do:

  • Porcelain and Cast Iron bathtub refinishing & repair
  • Fiberglas tubs restoration
  • Shower stall refinishing
  • Antique claw foot tub refinishing (inside only)
  • All kinds of jet tubs

Chip, scratch, and crack repairs along with bathtub refinishing process and bathtub re-caulking after– no extra charge in most cases. 

Detailed step-by-step description for the bathtub refinishing process can be found HERE 

Bathtub refinishing VS Bathtub replacement:

Of cause brand new bathtub always better than refinished old one, but how much does it cost to replace a bathtub ?….

To replace a bathtub, you have to:

  • Remove the old one. To do so, you have to break walls around your tub. After you get this step done you are going to have plenty of construction garbage to deal with and totally ruined bathroom.
  • Then you need to buy a new bathtub.
  • Then you have to install bathtub and connect it to the existing old drain system. This is a quite difficult procedure and in most cases you would need to call professional plumber.
  • After that, waterproof cement board or drywall must be installed around you new tub and ceramic tile is set. For this job you definitely need a professional help.
  • That’s also not taking into account the noise, dirt and other nuisances that go “hand-in-hand” with remodeling projects, and probably numerous permits from your local government. 


Bathtub RefinishingBathtub Replacing
Labor$399-$499 (depends on the condition of the bathtub)$0
Demolition and garbage removal$0$300-$700
New tub$0$400-$600
Plumber and parts $0$400-$800
Tile work$0$500-$1000
Carpentry and possibly flooring $0$400-$1000
Permits, inspections$0$200-$500

It is a no-brainer that it is a lot cheaper to hire a professional refinishing service. We do the job for a little fraction of the replacing cost. Here is the biggest difference and one of the biggest benefits of professional bathtub refinishing over bathtub replacing – you don’t have to be without a shower for long! With a replacement service, you will have days without a working shower. With our refinishing service, it will take approximately 4 hours to complete the restoration and you’ll be able to use your bathroom in 24 hours after the job is done!

Professional bathtub refinishing VS Do-It-Yourself bathtub refinishing kits

Another thought going through your head maybe – ” Why can’t I do this myself ? ” We’ve put together a little chart for you to outline the main difference:

Professional Bathtub RefinishingDo-It-Yourself Kits
Many coats application: 2 coats of primer and 3 coats of paintJust two coats of paint
3-4 hour application process1 day application process (second coat must be applied in 6 hours after the fist one)
Does not yellowYellows significantly over the short period of time
Doesn't crack and doesn't not peel for yearsBecomes brittle, cracks and peels over the short period of timetime
Has beautiful glossy finishAmateur application leads to a dull and rough finish
Comes with written 5 years warrantyNo warranty

Bathtub refinishing

Our professional bathtub refinishing service will have your tub done in a matter of hours and you won’t be able to recognize your bathroom. We want you to feel good about stepping into your tub or shower every morning.We are here to help you! Just give us a call !