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Bathtub, ceramic tile & countertop refinishing – replace or refinish?

It is cheaper and faster to do bathtub, ceramic tile and countertop refinishing than replace them outright. A replacement means a full blown construction and remodeling project that will have you paying thousands of dollars to the contractor. Such projects will produce a lot of noise, dust, a mess and sometimes no running water or electrical power.

Doing bathtub, ceramic tile & countertop refinishing we keep the existing fixtures and professionally refinish them with very durable polymer coating, so they look brand new again. An average replacement project would cost you $2000-$5000 or even more sometime. With us, you can save about 90% of replacement costs.

Bathtub replacement costBathtub refinishing cost
$2400-$4600$399 - Up to 90% of savings

Bath Pal Canada – who we are?

Bath Pal Canada specializes in bathtub, ceramic tile & countertop refinishing service. We offer a reliable, fast and inexpensive way of making your bathroom look brand new!

Worn or cracked bathtub, countertop, sink and ceramic tile allow dirt and germ deposits to take hold and build up. Eye, throat and skin irritation can occur if your bathroom has cracks and dirt in them that does not go away.

Bath Pal Canada is a team of professionals that will assure hygienic and cosmetic cleanliness of your bathroom fixtures. You will be able to step into your bathtub or shower in 24 hours after we finish the job. 

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“Bath Pal refinishers made my tub in the bathroom to look like new. It was quick and professional. I am very happy with their work.” Mary S, Brampton

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Refinishing is an inexpensive alternative to replacing a bathtub that is worn out, damaged, hard to clean or simply the wrong color.

Do not like how your tile looks? Refinishing your ceramic tiles is an economical and practical alternative to the replacement. 

Countertop refinishing works equally well on all kinds of bathroom vanities, laminate bars and even on cultured marble sinks.